“…Dr Alton is very knowledgeable…
“Seen chiropractors in the past for car accidents and work related stuff. Dr Alton is very knowledgeable and has great bed side manner.””
– Rachel F.

“…He is so patient and caring…
“Dr. Alton is great! He is so patient and caring… After an adjustment he took the time to show me what I could do at home to continue feeling good. He explained what he was feeling in my neck, I really felt like he was trying to educate me.””
– Kellie S.

“…Would highly recommended his services…
“I first saw Dr Monte Alton after having a car accident. He is friendly caring , gentle and very professional . Would highly recommended his services. His office is newly remodeled and has a very welcoming feel to it. If your in need of a chiropractor he is your man.””
– Lela A.

“…He is down to earth…
“Dr. Monte Alton is an awesome chiropractor. I’ve know him for 20 years. Nice clean office. He is down to earth and is good about dumbing down the medical terms for me to understand what’s going on. I will try the massage therapist soon!””
– Ansel C.

“…he has provided a great deal of relief…
“I highly recommend Dr. Monte Alton at Sound Family & Sports Chiropractic. I have seen Dr. Alton on several occasions after neck and lower back pain and he has provided a great deal of relief and range of movement after my adjustments.

After each adjustment he always takes time to show me some good stretches and ways to improve. He has very flexible hours and the sessions never feel rushed. Dr. Alton is very knowledgeable and you can tell his main goal is to help people not only feel better but stay in good health as well.””
– Shane M.

“…I highly recommend anyone to try him out.
“I have never been to a chiropractor so I was a little skeptical, but during my first appointment I was impressed! It’s a great location (first floor of Golds Gym) and the hours are convenient. It doesn’t have that stuffy doctor feel, it’s calm and tranquil. Having been several times since my initial exam I can say Dr. Monte is very knowledgeable and is in the process of treating my lower back pain, neck and knees. After the first adjustment I was hooked. He is very personable and always has a smile. I highly recommend anyone to try him out.””
– Whitney F.

“…I honestly wish I went in sooner!
“I highly recommend this place. I was unable to walk, get up, sit down, pretty much move without horrible shooting pain. I developed joint pains due to my pregnancy. My SI joint was completely out of wack along with the rest of me. He adjusted me and within the first visit I could actually walk like a normal person again. I went back in 2 more times within a week or two and it hasn’t bothered me barely at all since, my OB couldn’t even help me. I even go for long walks and I’m able to work again. I’m now going back monthly. I honestly wish I went in sooner!””
– Helen K.

“…the care was excellent…
“During my third pregnancy, I had a lot of lower back and hip pain. Dr. Alton adjusted me in a way that was comfortable (as comfortable as anything can be when one is in the third trimester of pregnancy) and effective. I felt at ease in his care, which is very important. I have also been adjusted by him when I was not pregnant, and the care was excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Monte Alton for your chiropractic needs!””
– Nicole G.

“Feeling well adjusted! I would recommend his service to anyone!”
– Helen G.

“…he was a blessing…
“I’ve been adjusted over a dozen times by Monte. Being a Navy pilot, he was a blessing to be able to skillfully relieve the compressed spine, ribs out of place, and sore neck.””
– Jonathan K.