If you have been injured in an auto accident, chances are you now have injuries consistent with whiplash. Even low speed accidents have been documented to cause sustained injuries. You should always be examined after experiencing an auto accident because damage to the ligaments, muscles, and skeletal structure of the neck and upper back are typical. Symptoms can range from mild to severe pain and stiffness or limited range of motion. It’s also not uncommon to have neurological symptoms such as pain or muscle weakness in the arms.

Post accident chiropractic care is essential because adjustments and treatments focus on returning your spine’s biomechanics to normal. This helps insure that as you heal, there is proper alignment, improving neurological function. After you have fully recovered you are less likely to experience recurrent aches and pains down the road with chiropractic care. This last part is crucial to consider: Those who don’t get care for their auto accident related injuries treated in the first 6 months, are reported to be more likely to have recurrent problems over time. The successes and importance of chiropractic treatment for whiplash injuries is even endorsed by the Harvard Medical School.

So if you’ve been in an auto accident, minor or major, give us a call and discover your path to less pain, and better health with Sound Family & Sports Chiropractic care.